Jason –

I’ve been unable to find words to adequately express how much I appreciate the time you took with Mike and me yesterday.  Not only are you personable and knowledgeable, but you are absolutely in your area of giftedness and the services and ministry you provide is priceless.

We will continue to pray for a smooth transition for your family and that you continue to enjoy being the angel sent from above that you are.

We will always be grateful.

Lisa and Mike


Hey Jason –

Just wanted to let you know that I paid off the Sears card!  When I started working with you in March, my credit cards totaled $27,582.81.  It’s now down to $24,545.73.  I’ve paid $3,037.08 since March.  It’s so exciting to see I owe less then $25,000!  My minimum payments in March totaled $607.47 now they are down to about $475.   I’m going to open up a savings account on Monday and deposit my baby emergency fund of $1,000!  I have never been able to save or to give like I have been the last couple of months.  I am going to tithe the full 10% when I make my May 15 – June 15 budget.

I just can’t thank God enough for sending you to help me I am definitely benefiting from it.



Hey Jason –

Your support and faith has helped us this past week. I just want you to know that God is working through you to help others and I thank God for the Jason Whichard’s in Gods ministry. I hope all is well this week with your situation of traveling back and forth.



Hi Jason! Just wanted to let you know that I am putting the tools you gave me in place and I am already working on the envelope system. I appreciate your help so much. It is amazing how much control you can feel about your whole life once you learn how to handle your money God’s way. God bless hope to see you at church.

Rosa Lee


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