Let’s Face It Coaching:

This Coaching Program begins with answering two essential questions:

  • Where do YOU want to be financially?
  • What will YOU do to get there?

Many in our country are saddled with credit card, student loan, car loan, and other debt payments, or live a paycheck-to-paycheck existence. Debt feels like a ball and chain around our lives, and living paycheck-to-paycheck is no real existence at all.

You can reclaim control of your money, rather than let it control you, and use it to reach heights that have always seemed unattainable:

  • Save $1,000 for a cash emergency fund
  • Systematically eliminate your consumer debt (it won’t take as long as you think)
  • Plan for upcoming purchases and financial events

Let’s Face It Coaching will provide you the tools to make informed financial decisions, empower you to manage your money, and restore hope to your life. This dynamic program builds accountability and responsibility on the part of the client so that dreams become reality and talk becomes action.

If you are serious about facing toward your financial goals, complete the Financial Consultation Fact Sheet for your complimentary consultation.

Forward Path Coaching:

For those who have become (and remain) debt free, we salute you! Making your way out of debt can be a wild adventure. Yet, once on the other side, there’s a whole new list of financial decisions that must be made:

  • Where and how to invest for wealth-building and college funding
  • How to prepare for a vehicle purchase or the vacation you always wanted to take
  • What types and amounts of insurance you need
  • How to prepare your estate for those who come after you

Building on the progress and success of eliminating your consumer debt, Forward Path Coaching is designed to equip and empower you to make confident wealth-building decisions.

Remember, Face Forward Coaching does NOT sell investment or insurance products so you know you’ll be getting the honest truth and honest accountability you need to continue realizing your goals.

To assure you are on the Forward Path complete the Financial Consultation Fact Sheet so we can start working toward your long-term financial goals

All Else:

Keep in mind we don’t try to fit each customer into a certain program. Each of these programs is designed with our customer in mind, and the financial plans we develop will vary with each client’s individual needs. We will insure we understand your detailed needs and concerns before we devise your specific plan.  Provide details regarding anything you would like to cover before we meet and we’ll make sure to include that information in our services.

All coaching charges are based on a sliding scale which aligns with the improvement we expect for our clients given their income and specific situation; but we want to be sure you are comfortable with us and the process before we get to that bridge.

Complete the Financial Consultation Fact Sheet to schedule your complimentary 30-minute financial coaching consultation.

Face Forward Coaching – Success Begins With Forward Thinking

Phone: 804/719/1899

Email: Jason@FaceForwardCoaching.com

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